Rallying community support for bite-sized needs of youth-in-nature nonprofits.


Kids Outside Alliance (KOA), an initiative to support youth-in-nature nonprofits, is taking a time-out until our all-volunteer team has adequate time to produce our next KOA project.

  • Thank you to the many people who have supported KOA as an iterative initiative for experimening with ways to support Seattle-area nonprofits that connect youth with nature.
  • KOA first manifested as an awards program for the 15 qualified beneficiary members, which culminated in a Campfire Hoopla event at the facility of our pals Georgetown Brewing Company (click here for event images on Fickr).
  • We were fortunate to land some top-tier judges and well-known "Spotlight Partner" organziations that were willing to test the idea of using their existing large networks to shine a public spotlight - using their existing communications tools such as social media and newsletters - upon KOA members, in association with a current list of some of each member's "bite-sized" needs.
  • A next iteration of KOA will likely manifest along the lines of an annual Campfire Hoopla event to shine a light of gratitude on our targeted beneficiary orgs.

According to our awards event MC Ben Klasky, then-CEO of IslandWood:

  • Chickens and inmates get more time outside than our kids do
  • 30% of kids get less than 15 minutes outside per day
  • On average, kids get 7 hours 40 minutes of screen time per day
  • In one generation, obesity is up 300% and Ritalin usage up 3000%, while outdoor time for kids has been cut in half

- KOA volunteers